How to Alleviate Power Outages During Severe Weather

lightning in the sky over buildings

Central Florida’s sometimes-turbulent weather makes power outages all too common. Know what to do during a power outage to stay safe and protect expensive devices from the electrical surges that could follow. Consider these power outage tips to keep your family comfortable and safe the next time your power goes out.

How to Protect Your Home During a Power Outage

When the lightning strikes and the power goes out, you can minimize damage and stay safe with these power outage safety tips.

  • Disconnect electronics. Electrical surges could fry your appliances and devices. While you can protect your devices by installing a surge protector, they can still be damaged from the flow of energy when the power turns back on. A safe option is to remove them from outlets.
  • Keep refrigerators and freezers closed. During a power outage, food safety is important. When you keep the door closed, a full freezer can keep food cold for 48 hours. At half-full it can hold the cold for 24 hours. When you leave the fridge closed, food will stay safe (under 40°F) for four hours.
  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Camping stoves produce dangerous carbon monoxide fumes that can cause illness or even death when breathed without proper ventilation. So, if you need an alternative way to cook dinner, only use gas or charcoal-fueled grills outdoors.
  • Stay comfortable with a backup generator. A generator allows you to run essential electronics during a power outage. With a whole home generator, you can run large appliances. For instance, you can run your heater or air conditioning to ensure your home stays at a comfortable temperature.If the outdoor temperature is dangerously high or low and you do not have a backup generator to stay safe in your home, consider seeking a warm or cool shelter in your community.

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Benefits of a Backup Generator During a Power Outage

A backup generator offers a constant flow of energy and reduces the risk of your electronics being fried in a power surge. It also prevents damage to your home and helps you and your family stay safe and comfortable through a power outage.

  • Stay safe and comfortable. With a backup generator, you don’t have to stumble around looking for flashlights. Having the lights on lets you avoid trips and falls. A whole home generator also allows you to regulate your home’s temperature with your heater or air conditioner, keeping your home comfortable and safe for your family.
  • Keep the water flowing. A whole home generator can continue to run your water pump or well, allowing you to shower, wash dishes, and stay hydrated as normal through the power outage.
  • Keep your medication cold. A backup generator would ensure medicine that has to be refrigerated stays good throughout the power outage.

Backup Generator Maintenance in Melbourne FL

Installing a whole home backup generator can give you peace of mind that your electronics are safe, temperature-sensitive medicine is preserved, and you and your family can stay safe and comfortable for as long as it takes for the electricity to come back.

However, generators only help if they are functioning correctly. The last thing you need is for your machine to malfunction when you need it most.

Our team at Dial Duron specializes in installing and maintaining backup generators. To be sure that your generator is prepared for the next power outage, call us at (321) 341-3625 or schedule service online for installation or a maintenance checkup.
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