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If you need fast, quality furnace repair, our heating and cooling technicians at Dial Duron Service Co. are ready to help. We have the knowledge to handle all sorts of furnace issues and repairs, including furnace replacement. Not only are our furnace technicians committed to making the repair process quick and stress-free, but our trucks are fully stocked with a wide range of replacement parts to handle virtually any type of repair. Your job will be handled by licensed, insured, and fully trained furnace repair experts from start to finish. 

Because we’re a whole-home service company, we offer all the heating solutions you need to maintain your home comfort. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our furnace repairs, which means we won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with the job we’ve done. Our free estimates also guarantee that you’ll know right from the beginning how much repairs will cost.

Contact us at (321) 341-3625 to arrange your furnace repair appointment right away! We’re here 24/7 to help.

5 Signs You Need a Furnace Repair Service

If you are having problems with your furnace, it’s important to have them checked out by a professional. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities at Dial Duron Service Co., and we can get a licensed furnace repair technician out to you quickly to diagnose the issue and offer a solution. 

Here are five of the most common service calls we get for furnace repairs:

  • Furnace won’t turn on. If your furnace won’t turn on, it could be something as simple as an incorrect thermostat setting. In some situations, however, it could mean that something else is wrong and a safety feature is stopping your furnace from working. It’s best to have a heating professional check it out.
  • Furnace starts and stops often. A furnace that’s functioning properly won’t be turning on and off constantly throughout the day and night. This is known as short-cycling, and it can have a negative impact on your utility bills and the lifespan of your furnace.
  • Loud or unfamiliar noises. If your furnace is making strange banging, screeching, or rattling noises, you should get it checked out as soon as possible. Turn it off and call the furnace repair pros at Dial Duron Service Co. to see how we can help!
  • Utility bills are going up. A furnace that isn’t working properly can cause spikes in energy costs as it overworks itself to try to maintain warmth in your home. If you have noticed that your energy bill went up for no apparent reason, it might be time for furnace repairs.
  • Hot and cold spots in your home. A broken furnace and air duct system often won’t send the heated and cooled air where it needs to go. Problems with hot and cold spots could indicate the need for maintenance or repairs.

Our furnace repair experts are committed to earning your trust. We provide round-the-clock coverage for emergencies. Whatever time you call, we arrive quickly, ready to deliver friendly, professional service backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Common Causes of Furnace Problems

When a furnace isn’t working properly, it typically comes down to one of a few common causes. As furnace professionals who have been helping customers in the Central Florida area since 1995, we are familiar with all kinds of furnace problems and their causes. We work hard to uncover the issue and fix it so you can stay comfortable and safe.

Furnace problems are often caused by:

  • Broken thermostats. Your furnace depends on a thermostat to understand when and how to run. When the thermostat is set at the wrong temperature or is broken and needs to be replaced, your furnace may struggle to operate the way it should.
  • Dirty air filters. A dirty air filter can affect your furnace and the air quality in your home. Replacing air filters on a routine basis will help your family breathe easier and can keep your utility bills in check.
  • Failure of a critical furnace part. Like a car engine, a furnace guides the comfort of your home, and it is comprised of many mechanical and electrical components. If one of these parts fails, the whole system may operate less efficiently or may break down altogether.
  • Lack of routine maintenance. As time goes on, a furnace that isn’t properly maintained each year is more liable to break down. Take advantage of our Complete Comfort Club program to help manage your heating maintenance. Ongoing service also helps keep your furnace warranty valid for as long as possible.

Call Our Furnace Repair Pros Today!

We’re proud to offer fast, reliable furnace repair in Central Florida. It doesn’t matter if you have a gas furnace or an electric model, we’ve got you covered. We also service all brands of heat pumps and central air conditioning systems, thermostats, and accessories. Our NATE-certified technicians are among the best in the industry to address all your home service needs.

When a professional from Dial Duron Service Co. pulls up to your home or business to perform a furnace repair, you can be confident that we’ll have a full complement of replacement parts with us. Our furnace repair technicians swiftly identify your problem, clearly explain your options and our recommendations, and make sure that you know what to expect when we complete the repair. We’ll never tack on hidden fees or hit you with unexpected service charges.

Call (321) 341-3625 today to schedule your furnace repair in Central Florida!

    “They answered the phone on the first ring - by someone actually in the office, not at a call center. I explained my issue - we discussed options. I was advised that they could have someone at my home in under 24 hours.” - Aaron O.
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