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No air conditioner, no matter how well maintained or repaired, can last forever. When it’s time to upgrade or replace your existing AC system, you can count on the professionals at Dial Duron Service Co. to get the job done right and within your budget. We make the AC installation process quick, easy, and cost-effective, starting with a free estimate. An AC replacement expert will look at your current setup and talk to you about your needs before sharing recommendations for a replacement.

From ductless mini-splits to traditional central air conditioning systems, we offer best-in-class installation for customers in Central Florida. We can even enhance your indoor air quality by pairing your replacement air conditioner with a whole-house air filtration system, which can remove dust, odors, and other particulates that circulate indoors.

Interested in learning more? Call (321) 341-3625 to learn more about our AC installation services! We’ve been helping customers like you since 1995.

    “They answered the phone on the first ring - by someone actually in the office, not at a call center. I explained my issue - we discussed options. I was advised that they could have someone at my home in under 24 hours.” - Aaron O.
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Why Choose Dial Duron Service Co. for Your AC Installation in Central Florida?

There are many benefits when you choose Dial Duron Service Co. to handle your AC installation. 

For example:

  • We’ll help you find a solution based on your needs and budget.
  • We offer multiple payment plans, like interest-free and long-term fixed-interest options.
  • No down payment is required for your new central air installation.
  • Your new air conditioner is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 1 year.

Air Conditioner Repairs vs. Replacement: Which Is Right for You?

Your central air conditioning will give you signs when it needs to be replaced. If you recognize these in time, you may be able to avoid a total breakdown. Plus, you’ll have extra time to plan for installing your new system. 

Here are a few questions you can ask when determining whether it’s about time to replace your AC system:

How old is your air conditioner? Air conditioners may last 20 years with appropriate maintenance or might fail in as little as 5 years. With annual maintenance, new AC systems could continue to run for decades. If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it’s probably a good idea to have it checked out – it might be time to get it replaced with a newer, more energy-efficient unit.

How regularly does your AC need repairs? Just like a car, a properly maintained air conditioning system is less likely to break down. If you’re regularly reaching out to us for air conditioning repairs, however, it might be time to consider a replacement. Issues like warm air, strange noises, weak airflow, and leaks are a reason for concern. 

Is replacement a better option? AC replacement might be the right choice if:

  • Your air conditioner is out of warranty or is more than 8-10 years old.
  • Your air conditioner uses R-22 refrigerant, which is no longer being produced.
  • Your air conditioner has not been tuned up within the last three years.
  • You’re interested in erasing airborne pollutants.
  • You’ve needed repairs more than once in the past 12 months.
  • Your AC repair expense is close to or slightly more than $400.
  • Your electric bill is usually more than $300 per month.
  • Your January or August utility bills pass $400 per month.
  • You or your loved ones have allergies or other respiratory concerns.
  • You have small children, live with an elderly relative, or have multiple pets.
  • Some spaces of your home feel much hotter or colder than others.
  • You have spaces in your home that feel humid, damp, excessively musty, dry, or dusty.
  • You want Wi-Fi, remote, or room-to-room temperature control.
  • You’re concerned about a more sustainable or green home.
  • You have high-priced musical equipment, furniture, collectibles, or electronics in your home.
  • You’re preparing room additions or remodeling, or this work has just been finished.

Seamless Whole-Home AC Installation in Central Florida

If you need a new air conditioning system, consider a whole-home installation. 

Key Point: A whole-home installation will provide even cooling throughout your entire home, and it can also improve your home's energy efficiency. They can also be more affordable in the long run because you'll likely need fewer repairs and replacements.

We offer whole-home air conditioning installation services to Central Florida residents.

We have a wide selection of air conditioning systems, and our technicians are experienced in installing them. We'll work with you to find the perfect system for your home, and we'll take care of the installation process from start to finish. We'll also provide maintenance and repair services for your new air conditioning system, so you can rest assured knowing that it's in good hands.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner: Central vs Ductless in Central Florida

Central Air Conditioning Systems for Whole-Home Comfort

Central air conditioners work by cooling the entire home by blowing cool air through ducts that run throughout the house. This system is best for homes with multiple rooms, as it can evenly cool the entire space. Central air conditioners are typically more affordable to install and operate than ductless systems.

Ductless Air Conditioning: Flexible Cooling Solutions

As the name suggests, ductless air conditioners don’t require any ductwork. Instead, they consist of one or more units mounted on the wall and connected to the home’s electrical system. These units can cool a single room or a group of rooms, making them suitable for homes without central air.

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