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A working furnace is a central part of any quality heating system. If it breaks down, finding a good replacement can be difficult. You deserve to enjoy consistent comfort at home, which is why Dial Duron Service Co. works so hard to make furnace installation easy and stress-free. It starts with a free, no-obligation estimate for all installation costs. We’ll review your existing equipment and help you learn more about which furnace brand might be right for you.

Our furnace installation professionals have been helping homeowners and business owners throughout Central Florida since 1995. With our decades of experience and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, you’ll quickly learn why we’re the most dependable name in heating and cooling services.

Get more information and schedule your free furnace replacement estimate by calling (321) 341-3625 or contacting us online today!

Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

You don’t have to be an HVAC expert to understand when getting a new furnace is better than repairing your old one. There are lots of signs to watch for and recognizing these quickly could spare you from a severe breakdown. It will also make the transition toward a replacement furnace much easier. 

The following are signs that it might be time for furnace replacement:

  • Your furnace is old. Even with regular maintenance, most home furnace systems don’t last longer than 20 years. Just to be safe, it’s a smart idea to think about replacing your furnace once it passes the 15-year mark.
  • The frequency and cost of repairs. With good maintenance, you shouldn’t need furnace repair very often. As your furnace ages, however, you may notice you’re scheduling service calls more frequently. Our furnace installation specialists usually suggest replacing your furnace when repairs are more than half the cost of a new system.
  • You’re installing a new air conditioner. If you’re upgrading your air conditioner, installing a new furnace can maximize its efficiency. Our heating pros can talk to you about your options to help you make an informed choice.

What Should I Look for in a New Furnace?

The number of options may feel a little overwhelming at first, but our furnace replacement technicians are more than happy to help you figure out what type of furnace best suits your needs and budget. 

In the meantime, here are two key points to consider:

  • Type of furnace. Depending on the model, furnaces employ different fuel sources to produce heat. There are electric furnaces, which are popular in warmer climates. Gas furnaces are another popular option and are energy efficient. Oil furnaces are a possible alternative when natural gas isn’t easily accessible. Our pros can help you determine what’s right for your home.
  • Right features and options. We’ll help you choose a furnace that’s the right size for your home. Beyond that, there are many additional features for you to choose from, including variable-speed heating and smart thermostat compatibility.

Always look for a reputable company like Dial Duron Service Co. for fast, dependable furnace installation. We can make any step of the process streamlined and easy to understand, so you’ll spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your new furnace. With our financing and routine maintenance offers, you’ll enjoy that peace of mind for a long time.

Furnace Installation in Melbourne: What to Expect

After we’ve helped you pick out a replacement, we’ll provide seamless installation for your new, highly efficient furnace.

Here are a few things to expect during the furnace installation process:

  • We’ll keep your home clean. Furnace installation can be a messy business, but we’ll keep your new equipment and our installation area as clean as we can. We use shoe covers and drop cloths to reduce the dirt and dust brought into your home. Right from the start, your new furnace will run as smoothly as possible, and our routine furnace maintenance service will help ensure it stays that way.
  • We’ll provide experienced, knowledgeable service. Our furnace technicians are fully trained, licensed, and insured to ensure expert furnace installation. This includes electric furnaces, gas furnaces, and oil furnaces. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’ll deliver a smooth installation process.
  • We’ll update you on our process and share maintenance tips. You deserve to know everything that’s going on while we work. Even once we’re through with the job, our heating technicians will tell you everything you need to know about keeping your new furnace in good condition.
  • We’ll explain all your furnace’s features and how to use them. Efficient furnaces are now easier to use than ever before, but if you need extra help to learn about all the bells and whistles, we’ve got you covered! Our furnace installation pros can walk you through how to take advantage of your furnace’s variable-speed blowers to maximize energy efficiency. Additionally, knowing the AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency rating, can help determine how much your yearly fuel costs will be.

Protect Your Furnace with Regular Maintenance

After getting a new furnace, it’s important to get the most out of that investment. To safeguard your equipment and ensure a long lifespan, we offer economical service plans that will keep your family comfortable for years to come.

Skilled Furnace Installation in Central Florida

At Dial Duron Service Co., we have a proven track record of delivering quality results at competitive rates. Our NATE-certified furnace replacement technicians go through extensive training before they join our team. We supplement that education with ongoing factory instruction to stay up to date on the latest installation techniques and standards. We know how to correctly calculate furnace size, so you get the right amount of heat output and efficiency to keep you and your family warm. You’ll always get clear explanations, practical recommendations, and quality work from our technicians.

If you need a new furnace, emergency repairs, or have any heating issue at all, do not hesitate to contact our furnace installation experts at Dial Duron Service Co.!

    “They answered the phone on the first ring - by someone actually in the office, not at a call center. I explained my issue - we discussed options. I was advised that they could have someone at my home in under 24 hours.” - Aaron O.
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