Electrical Outlets: Common Questions, Problems, and Solutions

Burning Outlet

Electrical Outlets: Find Solutions to Common Problems

Electricity fuels our lives, from devices and smart-home installations to everyday home appliances. However, when wires start to wear or a surge pushes more electricity than it should, it can be dangerous to our homes. For that reason, our expert team of electricians in Central Florida offers insight into common electrical outlet problems and effective solutions.

Common Electrical Outlet Problems

While you search for ways to improve the safety of your home, consider these common electrical outlet issues that can be fixed.

  • Power sags and dips are surges of electricity causing your lights to flicker or even go out. Power sages and dips can burn out your appliances. While they are common during a storm, they also occur when power lines are damaged, or wiring is faulty. If your system encounters these surges regularly, it can cause serious damage.

Solution: Seek assistance from a licensed electrician.

  • Hot switches can be a sign of poor wiring installation, a faulty circuit, or a broken outlet. Even if your appliance works hard over a long period, the plate should not heat up.

Solution: Having an electrical inspection can inform you specifically where the damage is and how much repair is needed.

  • Frequently tripped breaker: Don’t be concerned that your breaker trips. This is what it’s designed to do to protect your home. On the other hand, if it is tripping all of the time, your electrical system may be too low to run your appliances properly.

Solution: Upgrade your system to withstand higher currents or operate high-powered appliances on separate breakers.

  • Minimal outlets. This is fine for a simple lifestyle. but if you equip your home with modern technology, you will find yourself stringing extension cords all over the place. You don’t want this fire hazard in your home – especially if you’re connecting high-powered appliances to extension cords.

Solution: Expand your electrical system to include a new breaker with additional outlets.

  • Electric shocks. If you have an older or faulty electrical system, you’ll sometimes experience small jolts or shocks when touching a plug or light switch. This is a sign that your system should be inspected as soon as possible for safety reasons.

Solution: Repair and replace damaged wiring and ensure your system is fitted to the right electrical capacity to run your appliances. An RCCB (residual current circuit breaker) could also help to prevent shock from residual electrical currents.

Improve Outlet Safety

As a homeowner, it’s necessary to be proactive and prevent possible hazards before they happen. These questions about types of electrical outlets can help you keep your home secure.

  • How does ground help me? The third (ground) wire, included in modern outlets, is a protective measure against shock and electrocution. Without a ground wire, you might brush near the outlet and the current could jump through you to return to the ground.
  • What should I know about GFCI outlets? Of all the types of electrical outlets, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are among the safest. By observing the flow of electricity through the outlet, they can instantaneously kill the current when there is the threat of electrocution. Safety codes require GFCI outlets to be installed in places like the bathroom or kitchen – places prone to wet surfaces that could cause severe shock hazards.
  • What is the best way to increase the safety of my outlets? You can maximize the safety of your electrical system by repairing and replacing damaged outlets and worn-out wiring. Also, put in a ground wire where it’s missing and upgrade to GFCI outlets as needed.
  • What is causing dead outlets? When you find an outlet with no electricity – even though no breakers have tripped – check for a nearby GFCI that tripped. The interrupter could be causing the outlet to not work. Otherwise, the outlet could be damaged or defective.
  • Can I fix my own electrical problems? If you're looking at anything beyond replacing an electrical outlet or light switch, the risk is too high. Don’t risk your safety by attempting electrical work on your own. Our licensed electricians are armed with years of training to ensure your home is in good hands.

Skilled Electricians in Melbourne Florida

Even when you take great care of your home, electrical problems can easily creep up on you. Keep your eye sharp to spot signs of damage and make reparations as needed. At Dial Duron®, our team of certified Central Florida electricians put you and your safety first. Simply request service online or call (321) 341-3625 for electrical services you can trust.

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