Evaporator Coils Are Vastly Underappreciated

Your HVAC system consists of several essential components that work together to produce cool air for your home or business. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends regular cleaning for all elements of your quality HVAC equipment as part of routine maintenance in spring and fall. Taking care to clean and maintain your air conditioning system, including the evaporator coil, will allow you to enjoy better performance and improved efficiency when cooling your home in Cocoa, FL.

What Do Evaporator Coils Do?

According to the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), the indoor evaporator coils of your HVAC system contain refrigerant that travels between the condenser and the evaporator in the following steps.

  • The outdoor condenser unit removes heat from the refrigerant and releases the heat into the outdoor air.
  • The refrigerant then travels through tubes to the indoor evaporator unit.
  • The evaporator coils absorb heat from the air circulated by your blower fan to produce cold air for distribution throughout your home.
  • Once this process is complete, the refrigerant returns to the outdoor condenser unit to extract heat and to begin the process once more.

This continuous process produces the cold air needed to keep your home comfortable during even the hottest days of summer.

Why Cleaning Your Evaporator Coils Is Important

Over time, dust and dirt will accumulate on your evaporator coils to create an insulating layer covering this part of your HVAC system. Dirty evaporator coils perform much less efficient because they cannot absorb heat from indoor air as effectively. Regular maintenance is the best way to resolve these issues and to keep your air conditioning system running at peak efficiency throughout the year.

At Dial Duron Service Co. Inc., we offer quality HVAC equipment and the most practical repair and maintenance solutions. Our team can provide emergency services available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to ensure absolute comfort for our customers. If you need routine maintenance or repair services, give us a call today. We look forward to the chance to serve you.

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