Ventilators Work to Promote Healthy Indoor Air

Each year, unsuspecting people become ill as a result of breathing contaminated indoor air. In extreme cases, some people even develop serious and life-threatening health complications. Unfortunately, this problem can affect homes and businesses across the country, including here in Melbourne, FL. If your home or business is affected by poor air quality, here’s why ventilators may offer a solution.

Understanding Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to air pollution, most people think of automobile exhaust, industrial emissions, and other typical outdoor sources. In reality, there are a variety of pollution sources inside most homes and businesses as well. This includes dust, human and pet dander, smoke, combustion byproducts, mold spores, and off-gassing from furniture and office equipment. Any of these contaminants can become airborne and pose health risks when inhaled.

The Importance of Proper Ventilation

The problem of indoor air pollution is often made worse by the airtight design of many modern homes and businesses. Impurities have nowhere to go and tend to accumulate over time when little air exchanges between inside and outside. Adding a ventilator stops this cycle by pulling stale, impure air out of your living or working space. It’s then replaced by outdoor air that passes through an air filter to ensure it’s clean and healthy.

Selecting the Right Ventilator

There are several types of ventilators, each of which offers advantages and disadvantages. At Dial Duron Service Co. Inc., we recommend the proven quality of Trane ventilators. These systems are thoughtfully designed and capable of adjusting to provide precisely the level of ventilation your home or business requires. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, our NATE-certified technicians are also highly trained and qualified to provide expert installation services. Proper installation is key to ensuring optimal airflow, efficiency and air quality improvements.

Don’t allow poor air quality to put the health and well-being of your family, employees or customers at risk. To see if improved ventilation may be the solution for you, call the indoor air quality experts at Dial Duron Service Co. Inc.

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