Pet Dander And Air Filters

A dog leaned up on the arm rest of a sofa

HVAC maintenance can be tedious at times, but it is essential always to maintain your system to avoid expensive repairs and malfunctions. We always stress that homeowners do not overlook a vital maintenance task: regularly cleaning their HVAC system's air filters! Cleaning becomes even more important for homeowners with pets, and we are here to explain why!

Dander And Fur Pile Up

Our furry buddies can be such a bundle of joy, and with the joy they bring comes a lot of fur or skin flakes that can strain your HVAC system. For pets that tend to shed frequently, you will notice that over time that the air quality around your home can degrade if you do not clean up after your pets.

Air filters can take a lot of fur and dander from your home's air, but they have limits. If your air filters get clogged with pet fur and dander, air quality eventually suffers, leading to more noticeable particulates in your air, which can be annoying to breathe. Likewise, for those in your home with allergies or breathing problems, the lower air quality can strain their health.

What To Do

Luckily for us pet owners, the solution to avoiding air quality from suffering is cleaning up after your pet more often. If you have a pet that tends to shed a lot, take the time to vacuum weekly to help reduce the amount of fur and dander in the air. Vacuuming will lead to a noticeable improvement in your home's air quality, but it will put less string on your home's HVAC system.

Speaking of HVAC systems, you may need to replace or clean your air filters more frequently than homes without pets. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning your air filters, but it does not help to check a little earlier on your air filters to ensure they are not caked with fur. When cleaning your air filters, make sure they properly dry to avoid any unwanted mold growth.

Choosing The Right Air Filtration System

Depending on your budget and your home's needs, there are a variety of filtrations systems that can help improve your home's air quality. From disposable air filters to reusable filters, or even electronic filters that help zap away dust, you have options to help your home's air quality. Improving your home's air quality can be beneficial for your health, but reducing allergens in the air can also help your pet's breathing!

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