Space Heaters: Smart Purchase Or An Express Ticket To A House Fire?

Close up of a space heater on a wooden floor

Space heaters get a bad rep from many stories of house fires caused by space heaters, and these stories may have scared you from purchasing a space heater recently. While it is true that space heaters have the potential to cause dangerous house fires, we are here to tell you that these fires are not inevitable! Let’s break down if a space heater is worth the perceived risk or just a waste of money.

Flammable Elephant In The Room

So we cannot discuss space heaters without discussing the elephant in the room, house fires. While it is true that space heaters can cause flammable objects to combust, often, these fires are caused due to negligence on the owner’s behalf. You see, with space heaters, you need to give the proper clearance on flammable objects near the space heater. Keeping flammable objects at least six feet away from your space heater can avoid fires!

Space heaters can get quite hot fast, and the best way to use them is as supplemental heat sources that can make a small area a little more toasty in the winter. Whenever operating a space heater, always make sure you or someone else is present, as leaving a space heater unattended can also lead to potential fires. With any electronic, especially one producing large amounts of heat, always safely unplug the space heater when not in use.

Space Heater Purpose

So one aspect of space heaters that we see homeowners neglect is that these devices are not meant to replace your heating system! Space heaters can only heat small areas at best. If you are purchasing a space heater in the hopes of avoiding maintenance for your heating system, think again!

Space heaters work the best when paired with a properly functioning heating system. So if your home has uneven heating, to begin with, put off purchasing a space heater and invest in a professional inspecting your heating system.

Skip or Buy?

Space heaters can be a smart purchase for homeowners that want to improve their comfort in the winter, especially if they know they do not want to crank up the entire home’s heating system to accommodate one space.

Ideally, you want to use space heaters sparingly, as they can help cut costs on your heating system overall. Some space heaters are pretty energy-efficient. However, frequently running a space heater for extended periods can add up.

At Dial Duron Service Co. our technicians can help take a look at your home’s heating system and give you the best advice on how you can stay cozy this winter while also stretching your dollar. Call (321) 341-3625 today, and we can help you find the best heating solution for your home!