The Dangers of Leaky Pipes in Edgewater, FL

We all know that water is one of our most precious resources and that we should take steps to use water wisely. However, you may be wasting water without even realizing it, and the EPA estimates that, as a nation, we waste 1 trillion gallons of water on an annual basis. Below we discuss the dangers of leaky pipes and how to spot a leaky pipe in your Edgewater, FL, home.

How to Spot a Leaky Pipe

A leak somewhere in the home doesn’t even have to be a large one. It could be a small leak that drips slowly over the course of a few minutes.

There are several ways to discover if you have a pipe leaking somewhere in your home. These methods include:

  • Cracks in your foundation: Cracks in the drywall and ceiling are natural due to the building settling. However, if the cracks become wider without a known cause, then you may have a leak.
  • A rising water bill: Either you notice a sudden jump in your water bill, or it has been creeping slowly higher.
  • Running water meter: If you can, take a moment to shut off the water supply to your home. If the meter is still showing that you are using water, then you have a leak.

The Dangers of Leaky Pipes in Your Home

When it comes to leaky pipes, there are dangers that go along with them. They include:

  • Allergy and asthma triggers, plus other respiratory issues
  • Contaminants, such as fecal matter and rust that can enter the water
  • Damp spots, which can lead to the growth of fungus and spores
  • Financial damage, since you could have to pay more for water that is constantly leaking

What to Do If You Suspect You Have a Leaky Pipe

If you suspect a leaky pipe, call our team at Dial Duron Service Co.. Repairing leaky pipes is not something to attempt on your own. We understand that when your plumbing fails, life gets disrupted, so contact us today and let us return your pipes to tip-top condition.

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