5 Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Tankless water heaters

If you want a new water heater for your New Smyrna Beach, FL, home, consider the tankless water heaters. From their long lifespan to rapid heating, these are some of the benefits that you and your family will enjoy.

1. Space Saving

The size of a tankless water heater is about one-fifth that of tanked units. The tankless units get more preference over tank units due to the space-saving aspect. With their small size, you can mount them on the wall without remodeling your house.

2. Safer

Safety is one of the top priorities when purchasing a water heater. Traditional water heating tanks often overheat, and in rare cases, they may explode. But tankless water heaters hold little water, which means fewer chances of overheating and explosion.

Additionally, water leaks associated with tank water heaters may cause damages to the surrounding walls and floor. Tankless units, on the other hand, have minimal chances of leaking, and in case the leaks occur, the damages are minimal. They also require minimal repairs.

3. Less Heating Time

Tank water heaters heat the water in the tank while tankless water heaters heat water on demand. They provide continuous heating of water as you need it.

4. Energy Efficiency

Tankless models are efficient in heating water and use less energy compared to tank models. They also use less water than the tank units, preventing wastage and saving on monthly water bills. Using tankless water heaters, you could save up to 10-15% of heating energy.

5. Safe Water

Tank water heating units will get old, and their reserve can start to rust, creating water contaminants. To solve such problems, invest in a tankless water heater that not only does not rust but provides safe, clean water for both bathing and drinking.

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