Gas Piping Issues Require Qualified Professionals

The daytime temperature in Edgewater, FL, typically remains pleasant throughout the year. However, overnight lows in the 50s and 60s can make the autumn and winter seasons a bit chilly. Many East Florida residents utilize gas piping for their fireplaces to solve this problem. Taking this approach provides some heat and ambiance without turning on the HVAC unit. Just make sure you don’t put your family at risk if the piping stops working properly.

Gas Leaks Could Become Deadly

Leaks are a common problem associated with gas piping. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most serious issues that a homeowner or business owner can face. The entire surrounding area will fill up with gas if the piping leaks for too long. From there, a simple spark could ignite the gas and cause a massive explosion. Suspected gas leaks should always be reported to your local gas company. You’ll also want to contact a reputable contractor to get the piping repaired.

Improperly Installed Piping

Homebuilders and contractors should know better, but gas piping is sometimes improperly installed. Piping that goes through the chimney or duct system provides a prime example of this dangerous installation mistake. Gas leaks and explosions can result from piping going through the wrong area of your home. Be sure to work with professional HVAC and plumbing experts to correct the situation if you currently have installation issues.

The Usage of Thread Seal Tape

Are your gas pipe connections currently sealed with thread seal tape? This is a common mistake that can lead to gas leaks. This is especially true if you have steel piping. All thread seal tape needs to be replaced with a reliable alternative such as pipe dope. It’s safest to let a qualified professional perform this repair.

Are you experiencing issues with your gas piping? Find out how we can help by visiting our gas piping page. Alternatively, Edgewater area homeowners can call (321) 341-3625 for assistance.

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